4-30-17 Leader Guide



This post from bro. Jonathan Storment made several years ago for Winterfest says well what our focus will be on Sunday night. We’ll be discussing Sabbath as an important principle relative to worship. Take a moment and give it a look!

4-23-17 Leader Guide


This week as a part of our emphasis on Worship as a spiritual practice, we are going to focus on worshiping in SONG.  So, instead of talking about it, we are going to encourage everybody to come together Sunday evening for a time of worship in SONG!  We’ll be spending the evening singing praises to the Lord and Jared will share with us some devotional thoughts to help us center our praise around the throne of God.

In lieu of a ‘video introduction’ this week, let us share with you a selection of current and popular worship songs that you can take with you this week and use them to praise the Lord yourself!  We may be singing some of these Sunday!  Have a blessed Easter weekend!