Making it a Way of Life!

Well, we’ve finally come to the end.  We cannot believe it, but our year-long Spiritual Life Group season is coming to a close Sunday night.  Beginning in November our Sunday evening worship format will shift back to an all-church Worship Assembly with special lessons and activities.  This week, on our final night in our Spiritual Life Groups, we are asking you to spend some time reflecting on the past year… the things that worked and the things that didn’t.  The discussion guide may provide you some closing thoughts to consider and possibly some questions to ‘throw out there.’  They are questions I’ve had over the years, so maybe they’ve come up in your group, too.

Have a great group… we are looking forward to next year (which we’ll be talking about in the coming weeks) and encouraging our Families to Grow for Him in 2018!

10-29 Making it a Way of Life


Rule of Life

This week we will be talking about the Rule of Life. This is the practice of rearranging your life to experience God. We have been talking about these Spiritual Practices that help you experience God. We are asking you not just hear these things, but to actually put them into practice. We hope you take time over this week to examine your life and find a little space for God.

8-22 Rule of Life

The Corporate Disciplines

As we continue our review of the spiritual practices, this Sunday we want to look at the corporate disciplines, those practices which we engage in together with the church.  Pay particular attention to the “why” of these practices in Scripture.  I believe you’ll notice that on top of them honoring God and edifying ourselves as we practice them… each of them also serve the purpose of building up the body of Christ.

I’ve noticed Hebrews 10:25, for example, being used as a club to beat people up who miss a church service or something.  However, I believe you’ll notice that the admonition there (“Don’t stop coming together as some are doing, but encourage one another daily… and all the more as you see the day approaching.”)… is focused on encouraging each other.  The corporate disciplines are those practices which encourage one another as we practice them together.

This week, watch the short ‘intro’ video done by my friend, Patrick Mead, several years ago for Winterfest as an introductory way to talk about these disciplines.  We need each other!

10-15 The Corporate Disciplines

The Outward Disciplines

This week we continue our efforts to pull together this year’s focus on growing in Christ through the classic spiritual practices.  Last week we reviewed several of the “Inward Disciplines” (according to categories described by Richard Foster in his book Celebration of Discipline).  Today, we want to look at the Outward Disciplines… those practices which we “live out” in our lives… practices such as service, submission, sharing our faith, etc.  Once again we ask that you reflect on your practices throughout this year and at how the Lord has used these lessons to challenge you and to grow you.

Please share your stories!

10-8 the Outward Disciplines