Giving Until It Hurts!

This week, as we continue our study of giving, we want to look at some examples of people in Scripture who gave in ways that were quite outside their comfort zones. Their acts of generosity towards God and others have been recorded in Scripture as examples to us, so we will seek to learn from what they do. As you read of these people, reflect on your own life and what giving in this way could change in your life with God.

7-16-17 Leader Guide


Holiness that Adapts

This week, our Spiritual Life Groups will center around Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 about “being all things to all people.” How can Christians maintain our uniqueness/holiness while also doing this? What does “being all things to all people” change about how our church relates to others?

There is no video this week, but the leader guide and discussion questions are attached. We look forward to a beneficial and challenging discussion this week.

Download: 6-11-17 Leader Guide