Rule of Life

This week we will be talking about the Rule of Life. This is the practice of rearranging your life to experience God. We have been talking about these Spiritual Practices that help you experience God. We are asking you not just hear these things, but to actually put them into practice. We hope you take time over this week to examine your life and find a little space for God.

8-22 Rule of Life



This week we will be discussing the practice of Guidance. “How do we let God lead?” This is a hard question to answer because often we just think that going it alone is the only option. If we do not believe this, most live it out in practice in our culture. We do it by ourselves for ourselves.

Christians know that we must submit our will to God. But what does that really look like in modern culture? What does that look like in our church? These are the questions we will be answering in our group this week.

9-10 Guidance

Why Don’t we Give?

We will begin this week talking about the practice of giving. Don’t worry there is no campaign attached to this, but we want every individual in our body to look at Why, How, and What they give God. Are we as a body offering acceptable sacrifice to the Lord of Lords?

7-9-17 Leader Guide


This post from bro. Jonathan Storment made several years ago for Winterfest says well what our focus will be on Sunday night. We’ll be discussing Sabbath as an important principle relative to worship. Take a moment and give it a look!

4-23-17 Leader Guide