Serving: Giving of Yourself

This week we are wrapping up our month-long emphasis on the discipline of Giving by turning our attention to the giving of perhaps our #1 most precious possession… ourselves.  We are never more like Jesus than when we give of our time and serve in the spirit of humility that He demonstrated for us.  There are often things which prevent us from giving ourselves fully to service.  This week we want to look at the example of Jesus as well as the story of judgment He left us with and explore what those things might be… and how we might overcome them in our lives to truly give of ourselves as Jesus did.

7-30-17 Leader Guide


Cleaning Out Our Barns

As we continue our focus on Giving as a spiritual discipline and particularly at how our attitudes towards wealth and material possessions shape us spiritually, this week we turn our attention to Jesus’ parable of the rich “barn-builder.”  When he accumulated more than his barns could store, his solution was simple: build a bigger barn.  Jesus’ response and his teaching here speaks volumes to today’s society and our over-indulgence of “stuff.”

This week in your groups we encourage you to discuss Jesus’ teaching here and how it out to shape our attitudes in the church today.  We are also leaving you a practice as a suggestion as to how you might implement these principles into your life today.  Check it out!

7-23-17 Leader Guide

Giving Until It Hurts!

This week, as we continue our study of giving, we want to look at some examples of people in Scripture who gave in ways that were quite outside their comfort zones. Their acts of generosity towards God and others have been recorded in Scripture as examples to us, so we will seek to learn from what they do. As you read of these people, reflect on your own life and what giving in this way could change in your life with God.

7-16-17 Leader Guide