The Outward Disciplines

This week we continue our efforts to pull together this year’s focus on growing in Christ through the classic spiritual practices.  Last week we reviewed several of the “Inward Disciplines” (according to categories described by Richard Foster in his book Celebration of Discipline).  Today, we want to look at the Outward Disciplines… those practices which we “live out” in our lives… practices such as service, submission, sharing our faith, etc.  Once again we ask that you reflect on your practices throughout this year and at how the Lord has used these lessons to challenge you and to grow you.

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10-8 the Outward Disciplines



Last week we talked about the principle of being ‘separate’ and distinct from the world fro the sake of Christ.  Indeed, God calls us out from the world to be different from it- the concept of holiness which we’ve talked a lot about this year.

This week we want to look at the other side of that practice, the practice of Engagement with the world.  While, yes, we are to be different, we are also to actively engage the world for the sake of Christ.  He calls us to be “salt & light” in a dismal and dark world.  That requires we become active participants in our world with the goal of making it better and brighter.  This week, look to the example of Jesus how he constantly and intentionally engaged the world and the people of it so that he might bring about a change in their lives.  And let us follow His example!

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9-24 Engage


This week our spiritual discipline is Separate, as in the verb… ‘separate yourselves from the world.’  It has long been the struggle of God’s people to be ‘in the world but not of the world.’  God has placed us in his fallen world and called us to engage it in the name of Christ, but He has also most certainly called us OUT from it.  Even the derivation of the word from which we get the word CHURCH means “those called out”.  What are we “called out” from?  The world.

We are a chosen people called out from the world for a purpose.

Next week we will look at our call to engage the world, but first we must consider if we are truly different, distinct, a ‘peculiar’ people.  Then, and only then, are we ready to go out into the world for the sake of Christ to be agents of salt & light.

More next week!

9-17 Separate

Holiness that Adapts

This week, our Spiritual Life Groups will center around Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 about “being all things to all people.” How can Christians maintain our uniqueness/holiness while also doing this? What does “being all things to all people” change about how our church relates to others?

There is no video this week, but the leader guide and discussion questions are attached. We look forward to a beneficial and challenging discussion this week.

Download: 6-11-17 Leader Guide