The Outward Disciplines

This week we continue our efforts to pull together this year’s focus on growing in Christ through the classic spiritual practices.  Last week we reviewed several of the “Inward Disciplines” (according to categories described by Richard Foster in his book Celebration of Discipline).  Today, we want to look at the Outward Disciplines… those practices which we “live out” in our lives… practices such as service, submission, sharing our faith, etc.  Once again we ask that you reflect on your practices throughout this year and at how the Lord has used these lessons to challenge you and to grow you.

Please share your stories!

10-8 the Outward Disciplines

Sharing your Faith

One of the greatest disciplines for spiritual growth is also one of the most feared among even folks who’ve been a Christian for years… the practice of sharing one’s faith.  Maybe it is because it is such a personal thing, often we are reluctant to open ourselves to sharing Jesus with others.  Yet, this is precisely what our Lord has commanded us to do.  Disciples make disciples.

This week we want to explore the discipline of evangelism and while our groups might get into particular methods, the focus is really on encouraging each one to overcome whatever obstacles may be in place and become a disciple who shares his or her faith with those we come into contact with.

May God bless you in your group time this week!

9-03 Sharing