Again this week we delve into another quite counter-cultural spiritual practice… the discipline of Submission.  Often we misunderstand submission because we are so immersed in a heirarchical, authority-driven society where those “over” us are accustomed to enforcing their will on us and those “under” them are accustomed to having to submit.  That isn’t what we are talking about!  If any of you have ever had a boss (and that’s most of us) then we know that it is quite possible to outwardly comply without at all having the inner heart of submission.  The practice of submission as a spiritual exercise emphasizes the latter, not the former.  That is, having the inner heart of submission as it relates to one another.

Scripture says, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”  Truly it is Jesus who models this for us, as he not only submitted himself to the will of the Father (against his own best interests) but fully surrendered himself to men who took his life from him… and all of this for our sakes at no personal benefit to him.

Check out the above video by my friend, Johnny Markham, from the College Hills church in Lebanon and preview the discussion guide before diving into your group discussions Sunday night.  Be blessed.

8-30 Submission


Solitude & Silence

This week we are sharing a video from a friend of ours which was made for the Winterfest conference a few years ago.  Steve’s discussion of his practice of solitude is a good introduction to this week’s Life Group discussion on the twin disciplines of Solitude & Silence.  Our lives today are filled with such hectic, fast paced and NOISY days that it is instructive to take a queue from Jesus and purposefully set aside time to simply be still, be silent and be alone… to “unplug” from the noise of our lives for a time in order to “re-plug” into God.

This week’s practice encourages just that.  We encourage you this week to explore in your small group how Jesus sets this example for us, but also how the spiritual practices of Silence & Solitude can draw you nearer to God and how you might implement it into your daily and weekly walk with God.

Download the discussion guide:  8-13-17


Ironic isn’t it that in a world filled with technologies designed to save us time, energy and money we are the most in debt, tired and busy people on the planet?

Christians fall prey to the lures of our cluttered and overly complicated culture of excess just like the rest of the world and we stand in desperate need of recovering this spiritual practice… the practice of Simplicity.

Download this week’s discussion guide:

Serving: Giving of Yourself

This week we are wrapping up our month-long emphasis on the discipline of Giving by turning our attention to the giving of perhaps our #1 most precious possession… ourselves.  We are never more like Jesus than when we give of our time and serve in the spirit of humility that He demonstrated for us.  There are often things which prevent us from giving ourselves fully to service.  This week we want to look at the example of Jesus as well as the story of judgment He left us with and explore what those things might be… and how we might overcome them in our lives to truly give of ourselves as Jesus did.

7-30-17 Leader Guide

Cleaning Out Our Barns

As we continue our focus on Giving as a spiritual discipline and particularly at how our attitudes towards wealth and material possessions shape us spiritually, this week we turn our attention to Jesus’ parable of the rich “barn-builder.”  When he accumulated more than his barns could store, his solution was simple: build a bigger barn.  Jesus’ response and his teaching here speaks volumes to today’s society and our over-indulgence of “stuff.”

This week in your groups we encourage you to discuss Jesus’ teaching here and how it out to shape our attitudes in the church today.  We are also leaving you a practice as a suggestion as to how you might implement these principles into your life today.  Check it out!

7-23-17 Leader Guide

Giving Until It Hurts!

This week, as we continue our study of giving, we want to look at some examples of people in Scripture who gave in ways that were quite outside their comfort zones. Their acts of generosity towards God and others have been recorded in Scripture as examples to us, so we will seek to learn from what they do. As you read of these people, reflect on your own life and what giving in this way could change in your life with God.

7-16-17 Leader Guide

Why Don’t we Give?

We will begin this week talking about the practice of giving. Don’t worry there is no campaign attached to this, but we want every individual in our body to look at Why, How, and What they give God. Are we as a body offering acceptable sacrifice to the Lord of Lords?

7-9-17 Leader Guide

Holiness that Adapts

This week, our Spiritual Life Groups will center around Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 about “being all things to all people.” How can Christians maintain our uniqueness/holiness while also doing this? What does “being all things to all people” change about how our church relates to others?

There is no video this week, but the leader guide and discussion questions are attached. We look forward to a beneficial and challenging discussion this week.

Download: 6-11-17 Leader Guide